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CyclingBuddy Interviews Magnus Backstedt

17 May, 2012 0 comments

Maxifuel - Team UK Youth

Earlier this  month caught up with  Magnus Backstedt from the Team UK Youth to find out a bit more about his motivation & training.


1) When did you get into cycling, and when did you realise you were going to go pro?

I started cycling when I was 12 and a friend of mine who I was doing downhill skiing with asked me to come along to a training ride. I was hooked! I realised when I was 19 that I had the talent to become really good at cycling and I decided then to give it a couple of years. When I was 20 at the end of that season I signed my first pro contract.


2) Who was the most influential person in you early cycle career?

 I'd have to say that my mum and dad were the most important people together with ex pro Alf Segersall who rode for Bianchi back in the day.


3) Talk us through you bike CV? Which was your first bike?

 My first bike was a Swedish make Crescent. Nothing fancy, but a solid ride. 2nd bike I can't remember the name of but it was a limited edition withhold paint equipped with campy and roval wheels. After that I had a couple of Bianchi's and then I got sponsored by the famous Pettersson brothers bike shop and ended up riding Eddy Merckx bikes until I turned pro. First year pro I was on a Merckx as well. Second year pro we rode Fondriest. Until this moment all the bikes had been steel and continued so for the season with Gan. In 1999 I got on to the first alloy bike which was a special made LOOK frame. Then I rode Principia and Opera when I was with Fakta. Alessio was Bianchi and carried on with them for the first year with Liquigas. Then we turned to Cannondale super six for 2 years. Last year top level was with Felt. I have as you can see gone through pretty much all the top brands out there but I have to say that the best bike I have been on is my current complete custom carbon Wyndy Milla Massive Attack.


4) To be a pro cyclist takes a lot of dedication, talk us through your typical training day.

There are no real typical training days. Everything is geared to get the maximum out of me on each given day and that means that the program changes pretty much every day as well. 


5) Do you do other training on top of cycling.. Running or swimming for example?

In the winter I go to the Gym and also do some swimming.


6) How important is your nutrition in training and on race day?

Nutrition is pretty much key to how you will perform both in training and racing. Most important to me is what I put in to myself on the bike and this year that changed a lot when Maxifuel came on board as a sponsor. Using Maxifuel has made my training so much easier and I can use the products they provide without having to try to find alternative solid foods to eat. I know the bars and gels are perfect for what I need and my performance level is kept to optimum level.


6) What keeps you motivated?

 The love of riding my bike.


7) Finally, at cyclingbuddy we know that cycling with a "buddy" is a great way to push yourself. .. If you could pick a cyclingbuddy for the day who would it be and why?

I'd pick my training mate Freddy Johansson. We work well together and it's nice to be on the bike and not have to talk if you don't feel like it. We just know what the other person is thinking. 



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