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Tony Priest 2012 miles

11 May, 2012 0 comments


Tony Priest 2012 Miles of Cycling


Stage two complete – Bari to Ancona

Stage two complete – Bari to Ancona. Arrived Ancona late today. One day ahead of schedule, so great news. Weather is being kind so far, cooled down from the highs of Greece to a pleasant mid 70′s to low 80′s with a fairly light head wind, so all ok. Roads are good mainly.

Italian drivers are fantastic between the towns, but in town all rules and common sense goes. Cars, mopeds and people just do what they want without looking or any regard to even the rules of which side of the road they should drive on!!! They also have a habit of just opening car doors or turning right, right in front of you. So makes for interesting times and my Italian of certain words is improving greatly.

Have managed to keep up a good pace on the bike, without any mechanical problems so far.. I’ve noticed I get tired early evening each day now, and am finding the first 5 miles or so each morning hard work, but once in the groove of it, seems ok.

Have a well earned 2 day rest now here in Ancona, then on Wednesday start stage 3, Ancona up the coast a little more to Rimini then turn inland towards Bologna, Parma, Alessandria and Turin. All being well should arrive Turin late on the 14th May.

On Thursday this week I shall say goodbye to my first support driver – Tony Leach, he’s done a fantastic job, so I must express my thanks, but it is time for him to head home and it will be a hello to my 2nd support driver – Iain Row, who will stay with me through stage 3 to Turin and stage 4 – Turin over the Alps to Chambery in France.

Please remember I’m doing this to raise money for two hard working charities, so please donate and if you have, tell your friends and get them to donate… The target is 12,000 we are around 70% of the way there – so more fund raising to go.

We hope to arrange a group of CyclingBuddy members to meet Tony as he reaches the British shores and escort him in.  Lets show him our support "like" the article.  If you are able, please consider making a donation to the charities that he is raising money for: 

Good Luck Tony, keep up the hard work.


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