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Tony Priest 2012 miles_update

20 May, 2012 0 comments

Tony Priest

Yep, you have read that correct. I've arrived Turin 2 days ahead of schedule. Really worked hard last few days, and on Sunday i completed nearly 80 miles over Mont Aman and through the Pino Torinese tunnel to reach Turin. Been lucky with the strong winds - always behind or to the side, made for an interesting time.

Coming down from Mont Aman and seeing Turin in the distance felt great, have earned my extra day of rest.

Last few days have been hard work, very busy major cities to navigate and cycle through, heavy traffic, huge lorries, narrow busy road, some head winds, fairly hot still, but was the right route to follow as most direct. I've taken advantage of the Sunday lack of traffic and have already cycled across Turin to Rivoli. Bad enough though on a Sunday, but still fun, they have laid tram tracks all over Turin - really not good for narrow road bike tyres! But I've learnt to adopt the Italian approach to road craft - my road, I'm on it, so it must be my right of way, regardless of what any sign or traffic light might suggest! Seems to work just fine.

The bike is a little wounded - bottom bracket is squealing, so need to sort that, but otherwise all ok.

Three days rest now in this very beautiful city. Then head off on Thursday for the Susa valley and the Alps. From here, they do look big!!!



Alps behind, Rhone Valley in front, stage 4 complete Sunday 20th May

I’m pleased to say that I’m through the Alps. Left SW of Chambery to climb the final range blocking my path – Mont Beavoir and the Col Du Couz and through the Le Guiers Gorge, this immediately opens up to the Rhone river valley, where for the first time on this challenge I can actually turn North for home.

In spite of the heavy thundery showers I’ve made good progress and stopped about 40 Kms short of Bourg-en-Bresse on the edge of the River Rhone and the end of stage 4.

I’ve retired to Lyon for couple days rest and a change of support driver. I must express huge thanks to Iain Row for getting me from Bologna to this point.. It’s been the hardest two stages for me so far and he has been a great help – tutte bene… A public thank you to you Iain.

My final support driver – Neil Muxlow flys in on Tuesday, so on Wednesday we will pick things up from Vertieu and head for Bourg-en-Bresse and then Dijon, Reims and Calais. Still approx 600 miles to go....



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