We Are CyclingBuddy

You might not have heard about us, but we’ve been quietly beavering away since 2009. What started out as a hobby with a modest ambition of getting a few people out cycling more often, has now grown to a cycling community that stretches to over 100 countries around the world..


We have two core beliefs, firstly, that being active is the antidote to many of the ailments and issues in our lives. Inactivity significantly harms our life chances. The second, if we do decide to get fit, many give up, it’s hard! And it’s hard to find time in busy schedules. That is why we believe in the power of groups. Buddying up with one or more runners in your local area keeps you motivated and makes the whole thing much more enjoyable.


Meet Our Leadership

Tony Piedade

Founder & CEO

Tony founded CyclingBuddy in September 2009. Himself an active runner with a number of marathons ticked off the list (in his younger years). Now a self-confessed “plodder” Tony enjoy running 3-4 times a week.

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